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Rotary Wheels In Motion

History: The Gallatin Noon Rotary Club started this project 4 years ago to build relationships with the children of our community, future Rotarians. Our club provides bicycles to the 6 elementary schools in Gallatin every month. We have assisted in implementing this program at 5 other clubs in our county so that every elementary school will be included. At the conclusion of this year over 400 bikes will have been given away by our club and the other clubs in Sumner County. In Gallatin, the police department works with us to be at each bike presentation to provide the recipient a safety helmet. We also try to provide a picture of each award presentation to the local newspapers.

Purpose: To promote students active character-based citizenship and make students aware of Rotary both locally and on an International basis.

Program: Once a month, Rotary will donate one (1) bicycle to each Elementary School (K-5),

Recipient: Each school committee appointed by the principle and preferably consisting of at least three (3) teachers will select Student. (Any configuration selected by the Principle is acceptable with Rotary)

Qualifications: Any outstanding action by the student be it grades, a community action, an outstanding individual accomplishment or anything that would be considered exceptional for that individual. This award might be considered a Citizenship Award.

Presentations: Awards will be given in the fourth week of each month either in the classroom, an assembly, or at the time and place chosen by each school.

Contacts: Each school will be assigned a primary Rotary contact, That contact along with two (2) others will make the presentation and give a brief description about Rotary.

Support: The Rotarian assigned to each school should not change throughout the school year. The school will receive a Rotary magazine monthly. This can be used by the library or by individual teachers who might explain Rotary actions worldwide. In addition, any teacher requesting that someone speak to a class can ask for that through their assigned Rotarian.

Goal: To make students as well as the community more aware of Rotary and its purpose.